Fiona Green

Fiona Green has operated in the sports industry for over 30 years including three years in the US during the 1994 FIFA World Cup and three in Switzerland. Her vast experience has predominantly been agency-side, initially representing rights owners in sponsorship, TV rights and merchandise/licensing. Now working with data and applying it to business intelligence and personalised messaging, Fiona’s objective is to help Winners’ rights owner clients grow revenue, participation and engagement.

Fiona particularly dislikes the type of jargon and terminology that makes it difficult to understand the world of data, particularly in technology, and indeed her best-selling book, Winning with Data in the Business of Sports (link to section on the book below), is widely credited with its easy-to-read language and the way it demystifies a complex industry.

Fiona has built Winners on the foundations of trust, respect, transparency, value, and development in the relationships she builds with both our team and our clients. She also ensures that her personal approach to knowledge-sharing and philanthropy are reflected in the way we do business.

In her own time Fiona loves reading – her first choice is crime fiction with a heavy leaning to Nordic authors, but she’s also an avid reader of personal development books – and is currently supporting her local foodbank by manning the telephones.

Fiona's Experience

Fiona’s vast experience in sports has seen her work with many rights owners: here are just a few of them.

About Winning with Data - Book

Fiona’s book, Winning with Data in the Business of Sports, has been a huge success, leading the publishers, Routledge, to commission a second edition. It’s considered vital reading for rights owners looking to increase revenue, engagement, and participation and is packed with case studies from UEFA, Arsenal, Portland Trail Blazers, LA Kings, and many more.

About Winning with Data - eLearning

Launched in November 2020, Winning with Data is already being used by organisations as part of their staff onboarding and training programmes. The format supports different styles of learning (audio, video, reading) and applies specific sports industry use cases to provide a deep earning experience and the module exercises provide learners with access to marketing-leading software to turn theory into reality.

Fiona Green in Media

Due to strong knowledge in data &CRM, over the years, Fiona has participated in and hosted several podcasts, interviews, and panel discussions, provided commentary and wrote several articles. A selected few can be found below:

Podcasts and Panel Discussions

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