Our Approach

One of the biggest challenges in our work is the misconception that software’s a magic bullet – that if you buy a “CRM system” your problems will be over. This isn’t true and if you focus solely on software, you’ll end up with a costly IT project. One that doesn’t deliver.

Our approach is based on the Perfect Circle – five elements that must work together:

The Perect Circle


What are you trying to achieve, in what timeframe, with what resources?


You must focus only on the data that supports your strategy. This is NOT big data.


The enabler not the driver – start with what you want to achieve then scope the technology that you need.


We need robust and systematic processes that are applied, documented, and consistently improved to ensure they support our objectives.


If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. You need a cross-organisational awareness, understanding and acceptance of your strategy.